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Bite-sized dyne:bolic

2004-04-09 13:45:38

a dynebolic penguin Dynebolic is filled with powerful creative tools, but the sheer depth of its wealth can be overwhelming. This series of articles will present short examples of ways to apply the tools, pointers to resources that might be useful, and a map around a few of the potential pitfalls. These are not meant to replace real documentation, nor to be exhastive tutorials. Think of these as a jump-start for your own exploration.

This series is very much a work in progress. Feedback is welcomed.

This series owes its start to my friends at the MOVLUG who clamored for some writeups after a presentation on dyne:bolic. Their warm and appreciative reception lead to this series. Thanks!


The Bite-sized dyne:bolic series so far

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Overwhelmed with the tools and options in dyne:bolic? Here are some dog biscut sized tastes of d:b power to help start you on your path of discovery and enjoyment.