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Kickin' Apps

2004-08-14 11:00:44


Trying out Linux can be an overwhelming experience. Even though getting through a basic install is easier now than ever before, it still requires making decisions in less than familiar territory. Once installed and running, things are only slightly better. With the typical Linux distribution spanning 3 or more CD's, or even a sizable chunk of a DVD, there is still a lot of ground to cover. Linux comes with so many applications and choices that just learning what tools you have at your disposal is a huge undertaking. The perfect application may be just one mouse click away, but if you don't know it is there, you might just decide to head off to a more familiar environment just to get a job done.

Some of the members of MOVLUG were discussing this problem, and Kickin' Apps was born. This series will provide basic exposure to Linux tools for specific common needs in the hope of providing a kickstart to help you kick the Windows habit. MOVLUG distributes printable pdf versions of these articles, and also provides a tech forum frequented by knowledgeable and helpful people.

It is our sincere hope that people will find this series helpful as it grows. Feedback and suggestions are welcomed.

Kickin' Apps Articles

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Kickstart your Linux experience to help Kick your Windows Habit!